Every project is different and the traditional project management approach may not always be the right way. If your customer’s preference is always changing and that requires the process changes, adopting the agile method would be the most suitable approach to project management.

The transition from the traditional methods to an Agile mindset, your project team would become more creative and more productive.

In this episode, Mr. Ganbaatar Algaa, a Director of Business Development at Digitalworks LLC, a Project lead of the Green-ERP system development was invited to discuss the benefits of working with multiple agile teams, and the difference between traditional and agile project methodologies as well as how to effectively implement agile practices across the organization.

Please listen more about how to manage a project team in an agile way from our PROJECTED™ podcast.

Guest speaker: Mr. Ganbaatar Algaa | April 27th, 2020 | Soundcloud – 98.9 Business radio |

Successful project:

  • He has extensive experience in ERP technology development and worked as a System Analyst and a Business Analyst
  • In 2010, He has successfully implemented the Green-ERP complex resource management system project using agile practices.
  • Since 2018, he has been working as a Business Development Director at Digitalworks LLC


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