Project Model: NGO – Cooperative – Customer
Warm spring days are coming! We hope the warm weather will cheer all of us generously!
Following a sustained behavioral change approach can be the most effective way to understand and overcome social issues that we are facing.
In this new episode of PROJECTED™ podcast, we are introducing the “Let’s Change Our Toilet” project and its model.
The project aims to solve a social and environmental problem through a cooperative business model by changing outdoor latrines in off-grid areas and utilizing safe, eco-friendly and economical indoor toilets for the lower-income groups – ger (yurt) district residents.
We’ve invited Ms.Tsedevdamba Oyungerel for an interview with Ms. Batkhuyag Khulan. Ms. Oyungerel is the Chair of the Board of “Local Solutions” NGO while Ms. Khulan is the founder of “PROJECTED™” Podcast and the General Secretary of PMI® MC.
They discussed the public project’s business model and it was successfully managed by a co-operative approach. According to Ms. Oyungerel, “A change begins with a word.” She has contributed to breaking the taboo of talking about toilets, changing behaviors and overcoming cultural barriers as well as creating the first-ever toilet business cluster in Mongolia.
She has emphasized the importance of two-way end communication between the customer and the project, conduct survey data-based decisions in order to change behavioral and cultural barriers.


Guest Speaker: Ts. Oyungerel | March 18, 2020 | Soundcloud 98.9 – Business radio |

Successful projects include:

  • 2007- present, the project founder and the project lead of “Let’s Change Our Toilet”;
  • 2011-2019, the project initiator and the project lead of “International Friends” – student’s summer scholarship program;
  • 2012-2014, the project coordinator and the project lead of the “Return of T-Bataar at home country, the establishment of T-Bataar dinosaur exhibition and museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs”;
  • 2007-2017, the project initiator, leader, translator, and author of the book publication project on public health, employment, environment, and sanitary education. (The 6th book is ongoing);
  • 2000-2004, the project initiator and the project lead of over 10 human rights education projects.


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