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It is our pleasure to introduce you Mongolia`s first-ever project management podcast PROJECTED™. Decisions are made every day in construction processes based on incomplete information, assumptions and the personal experience of the construction professionals. Project changes and/or adjustments are inevitable as they are a fact-of-life at all stages of a project’s life cycle. Managing changes effectively is crucial to the success of a construction project. In this episode, Mr. Naranchanga Battulga, Head of PMO of NCD Group was invited to speak about construction project scope and change management.

Change management in construction requires an integrated solution to discipline and coordinate the process, for example, documentation, drawing, process, flow, information, cost, schedule and personnel. The construction industrial needs an effective construction change management process.

Guest speaker: Mr. Naranchanga B | Dec 31st 2019 | Soundcloud- 98.9 Business radio |

Successful Projects:

• 2010 – Construction project drawing, integration, implementation of Waste Water Treatment plant for 2000 townhouses

• 2011 – Construction drawing project of wastewater drainage system with 1500m long and 1800mm in Allahabad (Prayagraj)

• Head of PMO of NCD Group, leading Company’s construction projects such as River Garden, River garden 2, Time Square, Tsetsee gun, Garden city & Casa Da Vinci etc


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