Redesign of the Certification Application Process

1.0 Certification Application Redesign QRG

In the second half of June 2020 PMI will be launching redesigned applications for all current certification applications including; PMP, CAPM, PgMP, PfMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, PMI-RMP and PMI-SP. The new applications were created based on extensive user feedback, and are designed to improve the customer experience for all certification candidates.

Please note that eligibility requirements (years of work experience, hours of training required, etc.) are not changing however, the format for submitting that information has been streamlined and updated.

2.0 Using this Document

The information below refers to the key changes taking place for a specific state along the customer application journey. Review the updates below to familiarize yourself with the latest redesign changes.

2.1 Pending State

New experience fields have been added and will be required to submit an application.

2.2 Submitted State

Applications will be reviewed prior to upgrade, no action required.

2.3 Audit State

Proceed with audit process as usual. Upon completing and passing audit, applications will be moved to Eligible to Pay state and follow the same rules for ETP.

2.4 Eligible to Pay

Proceed with payment however, if paid after the upgrade, customer will need to fill out details for the exam, including name on ID, name on Certificate, the country in which the exam will be taken, and if the customer requires exam accommodations. Once information is entered, customer can still pay for the exam.

2.5 Exam Accommodations Pending

Proceed with the accommodations documentation process as usual. Upon completion and approval, eligibility will be sent to exam vendor and application will be placed in Eligible to Exam state.

2.6 Panel Review in Progress

Proceed with the Panel Review process as usual. Upon completion and approval, eligibility will be sent to exam vendor and application will be placed in Eligible to Exam state.

2.7 Eligible to Schedule (CAPM Bundle Only)

It’s suggested to fill out exam details prior to the redesign launch (second half of June 2020), however an application’s exam details can still be updated after the redesign goes live. Go to to update exam details (by second half of June 2020). Upon submitting this information, applications will be placed in Eligible for Exam state.

2.8 Eligible for Exam

No change required, proceed with scheduling exams as usual.

2.9 Expired State

Upon reopening an application after the redesign launch (second half of June 2020), new fields will be required (see below).

2.10 Experience Field Changes

Removed from Applications

      Organization Address/Phone Industry


Domain Hours

Contact Information

Added to Applications

Functional Reporting Area Organization Primary Focus

Approach/Methodology (PMI-ACP: Agile Methodology) Team Size


2.11 Calculating Experience

There are two primary guidelines when calculating experience:

  1. Months occurring twice in the same year of experience will not be counted towards the total experience requirement. See example below.

o  Jan 2020 – March 2020 (3 months)

o March 2020 – Nov 2020 (8 Months of experience. March is only being counted once in the above experience timeline but not in the second)

  1. Certification applications may have different time limitations for work experience. For example, the PMP application experience must be within the last 8 years. For details by certification, please refer to the respective handbook or visit


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