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In this episode, Mr Orchlon, CEO of Clean Energy Asia LLC, was invited to speak with us about 50MW “Salkhit” wind farm project that was built in Tsogttsetsii soum, Umnugobi province. As a project manager of he provided guidance on project implementation and investment negotiations. He addresses that project insight to sustainable development was one of the key reason to get successful investment.

Guest speaker: Mr Orchlon | Oct 5th 2019 | Soundcloud- 98.9 Business radio |

Successful Projects:

•50MB “Salkhit” wind farm project in the Tsetsii soum, Umnugobi province

•Oyu Tolgoi, Cash Generation Program

•Oyu Tolgoi, Investment Committee Initiation

It is our pleasure to introduce you Mongolia`s first-ever project management podcast PROJECTED™. The podcast episodes aim to share insight into international project management standard, emerging trends and awareness of practical experiences in Mongolia. We hope that PROJECTED™ delivers value to the future project management and inspire growing managers to the future success. All PROJECTED™ Podcast episodes are availabe for listen on Business Radio 98.9 SoundCloud page.


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