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We are delighted to release our new episode for 2020. In this special episode, Mr. Boldoo Magvan, the President of the PMI Mongolia Chapter, was invited to speak about global trends driving the “The Project Economy”.

The concept of “The Project Economy” is based on following essential ideas: adapting through changes, having a growth mindset, mastering professional competence at work, performing work professionally at a global level and acknowledging international project management methodology.

The result of the project is directly affected by its implementation tools that are adequate and are in accordance with international standards. Please sit back and stay tuned to our podcast to learn how “The Project Economy” can be adapted to local projects.

Guest speaker: Mr. Boldoo Magvan | Feb 3rd, 2020 | Soundcloud- 98.9 Business radio |

Successful Projects:

• Since Mongolia started its transition to a free-market economy in 1990, he has lead over the evolution of Mongolia’s financial sector reforms and economic transformation both in the public and private sectors.

• 1996 – 2000, a Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Mongolia, has overhauled the banking and financial sector in compliance with the best international norms and practices as cooperating with international financial institutions such as ADB, WB, IMF, and other international development institutions.

• 2011 – 2019, the CEO of the Tenger Financial Group’s (TFG) Board and the Board of Directors of the ХacBank has been advocated responsible finance principles and led the Mongolian banking sector in implementing sustainable finance initiatives.

• Since 2019, a President of the PMI Mongolia Chapter, leading the implementation of the project management standard in Mongolia.


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