Guest Speaker: M.Mandkhai | June 2, 2020 | Soundcloud -98.9 Business radio |

As the new way of work orders continue to discipline the country, and after months of COVID-19 induced hibernation Mongolian economy is facing significant challenges. Project owners, project leaders are managing through pre-recession environment while coping with massive amount of changes.

In this episode, team PROJECTED™ invited Ms. Mandkhai, CEO of Suu JSC, which is one of the first producer, manufacturer of Mongolia. We discussed how to manage the mass production projects during pre-recession times. Click on the link to listen more about how Suu JSC has deployed a practical risk management strategy as determining the potential risks in 4 levels along with contingency plan.

As of today, Suu JSC factory is operating with no shutdowns or downturn but in the position of the high-built preparedness. She also addressed that recessions are unavoidable. However, with thorough planning including identifying strategical risks, external and internal risks the business and projects can survive and stand ahead in the right direction.

Successful projects:

• 2018-2020 PET packaging project, ice cream expansion project, milk reception and milk processing upgrade projects, Suu JSC

• 2016-2017 Intensive dairy farming projects and meat processing and packaging project, RPI Consulting Firm

• 2011-2015 As a Project manager at Oyu Tolgoi, she led multiple social and community development projects, Oyu Tolgoi.


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