Average urban green space per person equals from 15 to 18 square meters in other countries. However, this indicator falls drastically in our case. It reaches up to only 6 square meters in urban areas of Ulaanbaatar and 0.12 square meters in “ger” district areas, according to the EBRD’s Green city Action of Ulaanbaatar city in 2017.

Therefore every initiative, partnership, and commitment to strengthening the urban green spaces in Ulaanbaatar has great importance in our daily lives. For any projects and activities delivered to positively impact a social and environmental context, multifaceted communication, public-private partnerships, and meaningful participation are crucial as financial and human resources.

In this episode, Mr. Ulziitogtokh Sodnomsenge, the Founder of “Uuliin Nuur” who dedicated over a decade of commitment to transform landfill areas nearby the “Denjiin 1000” sub-center and “Narantuul-2” market into a green park center which brought hope and inspiration to thousands of children over the past years. Our guest speaker talked with Ms. Batkhuyag Khulan, the Founder of the “PROJECTED™ Podcast” and Secretary-general of PMI® MC, and shared his story and journey of implementing the “Uuliin Nuur” project.



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