Music and arts transcend the boundaries of language. On similar notice, project management knowledge can be transformed and applied to projects in all sectors, including arts and music projects and performances. Knowledge of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing all comes in handy while preparing for music performances. As the music industry and technology are constantly changing, musicians and artists must be on the frontline of those changes.

In this episode, we have invited Mr. Jigjiddorj Nanzaddorj, a Conductor and concertmaster of The State Morin Khuur Ensemble and Mr. Dulguun Bayasgalan (Magnolian), an indie-folk artist and singer-songwriter. Our guest speakers talked with “PROJECTED™ Podcast” volunteer Ms. Munkhjargal Byambadorj and Ms. Khulan Batkhuyag, the initiator of the “PROJECTED™ Podcast” and General Secretary of (PMI)® MC. They shared their inspiring journey in the music industry and talked about the importance of shared vision, inclusive approaches, and the sense of community in creating soul-captivating music and performances.



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